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    now, now folks, lets all try and keep cool Smiley

    i thing its pretty clear that  natal does include a z camera from 3dv or some derivative there of. as for the ms exec statement, i belive they are talking about the software and its origins beeing before the 3dv buy out. in an interview that i think ive already posted on this thread, the algorithms where in development since way back and they where looking for something to "plug them into" and thats probobly where 3dv came in..

    as for pricing, yes TOF cameras are typpically very expensive.. but so was accelerometers before the wiimote Smiley its all about the volume.. consider cpus and gpus, they are really hard things to make [40nm processes, pushing on 32nm] and yet they are available in consumer products.. i do belive microsoft has the real deal here Smiley

    that face video was cool Smiley hadnt seen that one.. i did some more poking around their site and i found this:
    im gonna have a look at the pdf:s now, looks interesting indeed.

    i also agree that this tech seems a little to good to be true.. it does seem to be pretty much real though, but i think microsoft should release more info Smiley


    whitepapers are nice and scientific.. me like..
    also the gallery:
    has some cool stuff to check out (including full body tracking, looks pretty old though)


    actually the papers could have been more scientific.. but the videos are cool Smiley also, it seems like the 3dv zcam had a 1.3 mega pixel resolution.. it would seem likely that natal will have something similar