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    Minh said:

    I wonder if this will be possible...

    I mean, MS didn't invent this technology, they are licensing it. And the licensing fees usually depend on how widely the gadget is used...

    If MS paid $X to have it on the Xbox, then MS would have to pay $X + $Y to also have it be used on Windows...

    This is different than the Xbox joypad controller that MS made available on the PC also because the joypad is as commoditized as it gets -- even though they did have to shell out some more dough for rumble...

    We'll just have to see I guess... Although if you see games on XBLA using Natal, then it will probably mean it'll be available for XNA... which will probably mean it'll be available on the PC

    Unless some genius crack the protocol. Is Brian Peek already on it? haha

    Have you guys seen Sony's answer to the motion controller question?

    OK, first of all, augmented reality is cool...!!!

    Secondly, I think Sony's solution has a better chance of creating good games than Natal,  at least in the near-term... It's really like a WiiMote... with much greater pointing range... since w/ the WiiMote, the camera inside it must see the IR lights in the sensorbar.

    I think Natal is going to miss having a trigger... Unless all Natal games will be of the Wii Fit variety...

    I'm hoping what we're seeing in Natal isn't the final version