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    Bass said:
    BitFlipper said:

    Sorry, I know it includes a "range finder". I am still skepetical this will be accurate without any information regarding how this range finder actually works. If Microsoft managed to reduce the cost of a product by an order of mangitude overnight, and doesn't explain HOW, I don't think I am being unreasonable by questioning it. If that makes me "very anti-MS" then so be it.

    I give up.  You obviously will be in denial no matter what anybody says, even those that worked closely on the project.

    At least have enough of a spine to admit that you were wrong about the fact that it actually includes a 3D camera. Too much to ask for?

    Let me gues: If this was an Apple project, you'd be gushing all over it, right...?


    EDIT: Funny that you will call it a "range finder", when pretty much everyone else, including those that worked on the project, do not call it that (3D camera, time-of-flight camera, depth sensor). A "range finder" is what you buy in Home Depot as a tape measure replacement that tells you the range to a solid object using a laser. Once again, I realize you need to downplay any kind of innovation from MS, but you are starting to look a little bit ridiculous now.