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Windows Mobile 6.5 Dev Toolkit

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    Kevin Daly

    It's nice that it's out, but some actual documentation would be nice, especially for the widget platform (since there are at least code samples for gestures).

    One short online example of deploying completely static content as a widget does not qualify as documentation.

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    Windows Mobile is dead. Microsoft is going to shaft it's hardware partners by doing a proprietary mobile device only they have access to (like they did with the Zune versus WMA), and so they (and when I say they I mean HTC, which is the only Windows Mobile manufacturer that matters) are switching to Android.


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    Its only a small post and might not be that much use to you but:

    The blog in general tends to have lots of good content and is updated regularly enough to be useful without overloading you with info:


    EDIT: Yeah, I just re-read your post as soon as I clicked submit and realised you have probably already seen their widget sample...

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    Admist all the iPhone frenzy, I bit my tongue and wanted to give Windows Mobile a try. After buying my first WM phone, it turned out to be not as bad as it was made out to be and I was pretty hopeful about Windows Mobile 6.5 and had high hopes for the platform. But now I'm not sure they deserve my support anymore. It seems like they're making all the wrong moves.

    Speaking about widgets, they actually posted some widget development information on MSDN, and then pulled it soon after. I even blogged about it here. Now it's gone from Google Cache as well.

    And I'm sure you remember the whole $99 per app update, "no crap that was silly it's free now thanks for pointing that out to us" debacle.

    As a Windows Mobile user I would love them to see them suceed but they do seem to be shooting themselves in the foot over and over. They can't afford to make mistakes when iPhone and Android are making all the right moves.

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