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Removing Microsoft JVM

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    Hey guys, one problem...

    For Pre-Windows XP machines, we need to be able to remove the Microsoft JVM in order to fully migrate our machines to another version.

    I saw this post earlier in the VM Migration News group* and was thinking to myself, how do I remove the current JVM in Windows 2000 and older. There was an issue at my job because the Microsoft JVM was still installed. and the XP way to remove it does not work in this world (Windows 2000 SP2).

    Any info someone can provide would be great. Unregistering the Microsoft Virtual machine DLL using the regsvr32 command causes Internet Explorer to stop handling applets. And unfortunately the vendor is using the applet to install some software (I don't know why).

    So anyway, I'd figure I put a bug in someone's ear and maybe someone can offer other advice cause we all know that the Microsoft JVM is not a dead end street. Wink


    P.S. - I've found this, but have not tried it. Anyone tried it before?

    The MSJVM Removal Tool Beta 2 has been released to BetaPlace and is
    available for download on

    Beta 2 for the MSJVM removal tool includes the following changes:
        - Support for Windows operating systems that have the MSJVM files under
    system file protection (W2K SP3, W2K SP2, and WinMe)
        - Support for Windows operating from Win95 OSR2.5 through Windows Server
        - Various changes to the list of registry keys removed.

    If you have already registered for the MSJVM Beta Tools beta, you can
    download the new release by returning to and
    visiting the downloads section of the page.  If you have not yet registered
    for the beta program, please follow the instructions below to join.

    Instructions for self-nomination for MSJVM Beta Tools

    - Point your browser to for external customers &
    - Use a valid Passport to sign in to the site, or follow the instructions to
    create one
    - Enter the guest ID 'msjvm' in lowercase letters
    - Review the information on the home page
    - On the Enrolled Beta menu item, select 'Diagnostic Tool For The Microsoft
    - Select 'Survey' under the 'Program Info' menu pane and click on 'MSJVM
    Tools Beta Nomination Form'
    - Fill out the survey. Note that your contact information is required. The
    rest of the requested information is optional.
    - Press the 'Submit' button when completed
    - You will receive an e-mail confirming your participation in the Beta
    program within 72 hours
    - Review the other information on the site

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    I sometimes have to remove Microsoft VM from defective systems. Here is a link that might be of some help :

    By the way, I have tried this trick with Win 95, 98, NT and 2000 and it solved correctly my problems.

    Be warned that on systems not equipped with WinXP some components are not located as indicated on that web page and some of them could not even be found. I did not try to seek deeper for more informations on the misplaced or unavailable components since the procedure worked for my debugging purposes. Hope it will be of some help to you too.

    Give some feedback if it solved your problem.


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    Unfortunately the file java.inf does not exist on the machine..

    There is a nt5java.inf (something like that) but it does not have an uninstall section. SO I was looking for some (eeek) "Manual" unstallation techniques...

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