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Anti-virus Software

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    Shining Arcanine

    If Microsoft adds AntiVirus capabilites to Windows, they will probably have another AntiTrust lawsuit and if they don't, people will blame viruses on Microsoft. -_-

    Maybe it would be possible to have a basic windows antivirus that would actively scan for viruses based on virus definitions alone (no heuristics) and have aggressive definition updating (configurable, default on the hour). That might help with the AntiVirus issue while avoiding an AntiTrust lawsuit.

    On the other hand, a standalone Microsoft AntiVirus would allow Microsoft to avoid an AntiTrust lawsuit and have a really powerful antivirus but that would have no more sucess than what current AntiVirus vendors have had with the AntiVirus Issue.

    Just my two cents.

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    yes but thats sort of bundling Alca seltzer with a pizza slice.. ( you dont want your customers to know the product your selling may cause heart burn - or - in this case, may be perpetually defective..)

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    Jeremy W

    A slimmed-down A/V is an interesting idea, perhaps it could be abstracted? I'll sound like such an OSS guy when I say this, but in this case it makes sense:

    Provide basic A/V functionality, and then allow users to get virus definitions, pattern files and engine updates from any company.

    I'm not really sure it would work, but it would be a way to protect against many of the more common viruses (maybe MS could make quarterly updates part of Windows update... Enough to protect, not enough to damage the major virus vendors?).

    It's an interesting question. For me, it comes down to the consumer. In this day and age the consumer NEEDS protection, specifically out of the box. When it takes less time to get penetrated than it does to protect yourself, there's a big problem.

    With 0-day viruses fast approaching, consumers need some kind of protection in the OS. It's a bit like healthcare in many places: basic right to life and essential services are provided free of charge, but extended coverage costs money.

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    My thoughts are you should just tune the security center with alerts that let people know they are not protected and then link them to a page that any of then vendors can add their content too which provide places where end users can click and download the software to their computer.

    Nice, quick and anoying, the perfect security compromise.


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