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    spivonious said:
    JohnAskew said:

    I've looked at the code for the infamous Josh Smith artice in MSDN magazine and am having trouble seeing how a Dataset could be worked into the ViewModel.

    Is there a good example out there that ties a Dataset with the MVVM pattern?

    I took a quick look at NHibernate, but I'd rather stick with libraries that are part of the Framework, at least until I get a handle on MVVM.

    ViewModels are "always" the View's DataContext, so a property in the ViewModel will be bindable to the View's controls. One of those properties is your DataSet.

    If you use the designer to build the DataSet, save it and then have the ViewModel create the same DataSet programmatically - remember you're seperating from the View, which also means not relying on the designer for managing the DataSet schema, etc.

    Does this make sense to you V?