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View Thread: UAC controversy - the last episode!
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    Uxtheme Rafael said:
    vesuvius said:

    I ought to know what? Who's right here? As previous posters have clearly mentioned, there is not one de facto standard definition on UAC. Am I to take your definition? Technet's? Mark's? Windows Help? MSDN?

    Microsoft marketed it as a security feature, which means the general consensus amongst consumers -- you know, whom Windows is built for -- is that it's a security feature. Period. These other bloggers can claim otherwise, but it's too late. Their focus should now be huddling up internally to figure out how, in Windows 8, they'll present UAC as merely the "convienence feature" it was originally designed to be.


    EDITS: Purely for display purposes.


    Your average user couldn't care less that Microsoft got it's UAC knickers-in-a-twist. If you work in a software environment, one of the prime areas of concern are complaints. If people are complaining a lot about UAC (its a case of the lowset common denominator here), then you placate them.

     That is a prime function and responsibility as a software vendor. There are far more general users than Windows developers and enthusiasts like you. Think of it as having to listen to you local commercial radio station. If they play NIN or even the Beatles nowadays, people will say it's not Katie Perry.

    That is this thread in a nutshell!

    Rather than complain, teach people to elevate their UAC, and that is is good for them. This descicion will not ruin Windows Se7en, as XP and running as admin ostensibly demonstrates.