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View Thread: UAC controversy - the last episode!
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    longzheng said:
    Charles said:

    Charles, please realise the machine does not have to be infected. That is the simplest method of attack. But as we all know, malware/rootkits thrive on stealth, and remote code execution vulnerabilities on applications you already trust like Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader will also be suspectible.

    That of course is just looking at at the dark side of the moon. On the bright side, legitamite application developers can (and intends to) use this vulnerability to also silently elevate themselves.If it comes to that, there will be no separation between medium-level and adminstrative-level applications because one can switch between the two silently.

    Yes. By infection, I mean vulnerability already on board (like a trusted installed application with, say, a buffer overrun hole). Other applications that you install or run can also self-elevate using this UAC default behavior. This is understood.

    Is UAC supposed to solve the user-initiated-installation-or-download-and-execution-of-malicious-code problem? If Outlook is vulnerable to attack through a memory hole, well, patch Outlook Smiley Seems to me you are asking for a UAC state where auto-elevation under all circumstances is disabled.