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View Thread: UAC controversy - the last episode!
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    RoyalSchrubber said:

    If it is any consolation to you, most linux distributions that use bash as default scripting language are vulnerable too..

    2 years, marked invalid Smiley

    Not really, that bash "vulnerability" is dubious at best....

    It's dissapointing to see Microsoft backing down on UAC, I think the majority of people aren't actually as bothered about the prompts as a handful of whiny bloggers would suggest, and whether they are prepared to admit it or not it certainly reduces the effectiveness of UAC (a quick scan of the MSDN forums reveals swathes of programmers trying to circumvent UAC, not because they're malicious, but because they don't see the need to fix LUA issues).

    Naturally, I'll be running UAC at it's full setting and I'll just have to deal with the broken apps, because they will be inevitable. And Standard User Accounts will continue to be a pain in Windows because Microsoft continue to miss the point on this issue, albeit probably quite deliberatly in the face of yet another swathe of Vista-esque bad publicity.