Sabot said:
ManipUni said:

"No computer should NEED anti-virus. And UAC prompts should become the exception and not the rule, to such an extent that I can put my mom on a user account and she can use her computer happily without getting spyware (*updates auto applied etc)."

Did you mean to say that Manip ... I'll give you a moment to think about this statement, you can go ahead and change it because I would if I was you! Because strong UAC is sure as heck not going to stop a whole load of other vulnerabilities that AV also protects against. 

Well I am going too far. Anti-Virus will always have a place. But what I mean is that when something nasty is run as a user that is almost harmless to the safety of the system as a whole. If the user doesn't accept that UAC prompt they're safe. In an environment like that, some users could live without AV.

So for example on a system with no personal data (web-access slave system) without an admin account could very much live without AV. I'd still recommend it though Smiley