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View Thread: UAC controversy - the last episode!
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    Charles said:
    intelman said:

    Well, as you can see that is a defunct blog... Is this debate about how Microsoft misrepresented UAC in the Vista timeframe or is it about UAC and the distinction between running as a standard user by default and core security boundaries of the underlying system? This is an argument about the past, right? Sure, OK, the UAC blog, Windows blogs, media outlets, even Channel 9, misrepresented UAC as a security feature during the Vista daze. Can we move along? Can we focus on the here and now? DeVaan's post is from 2009. The context is Windows 7. I've lost track of the problem, exactly. What's the issue again?


    So you mean that it's now a "convenience feature" - in what way is it more CONVENIANT to have an extra 1 - 4 clicks along the way? You can argue that it helps to limit admin functionality access which makes the machine more secure (which is not true as users ignore the dialogs and just click through) but it certainly doesn't make your use of the machine more convenient.