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    Uxtheme Rafael said:
    wastingtimewithforums said:

    Ignoring the fact your statement contradicts itself, I just wanted to make note that Microsoft made changes to UAC -- whether you view them as good or bad -- based on user feedback from various channels, including their Customer Experience Improvement Program. To blame UAC's changes, and their perception, on us bloggers is just wrong.


    "Ignoring the fact your statement contradicts itself"


    How so? Okay: the blogosphere has much less influence on the market than they (and Microsoft!) think they have

    Now it makes more sense.

    "including their Customer Experience Improvement Program"

    How so? That thing is automatic:


    Can I review the information before it is sent to Microsoft?
    Unfortunately the information can't be reviewed for a couple of reasons:

    The Customer Experience Improvement Program was designed to enable millions of customers to participate. To support such a large number of customers sending data, the collected information is recorded so that the Microsoft servers can efficiently process all the data. The nature of this encoding makes it difficult for most customers to review the information.

    Applications which use CEIP typically send data to Microsoft servers after the application is closed. Rather than displaying a dialog prompting you to review the information when the application is trying to close, the data is sent automatically, without interrupting your work.



    How does it measure how much the user is annoyed by UAC?