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View Thread: UAC controversy - the last episode!
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    Bass said:
    wastingtimewithforums said:

    What the hell is with all the whining in this thread? They made a decision to sacrifice some security for usability. If you want to do it differently make your own damn OS.

    "They made a decision to sacrifice some security for usability"


    The problem is, that in the long term this decision is pretty negative for the windows plattform as a whole. The implications of this decision could haunt the plattform for years and years to come.

    To quote myself:

    What now? What is the future of Windows security? Will it be now "forever" that users will work as administrators with a broken UAC? Or will you force in Windows 8 that the default user will be a standard account user? But if you do that, people will be extremely annoyed! After  Windows 7, with its reduced UAC dialogs, people WON'T ACCEPT a standard user account in Windows 8 - because on a standard account there will be much more UAC prompts than on the default administrator account on win7 with its broken UAC.

    UAC was a good tool to prepare people for the "standard account future", but now.. it's less likely that normal users will accept that future, after they use win7.

    It seems that you guys maneuvered yourselves into a pretty naster corner, just to please the blogosphere


    I repeat myself: What now? What is the future of Windows security wise? This shows me that MS doesn't has the balls to enforce security. If they are freaked out so easily by the negativity towards UAC (which is pretty mild - it just wants a click, not password [if you're an administrator]) - Just how in hell do they want to make the standard account as the default account in the future?