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View Thread: UAC controversy - the last episode!
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    ManipUni said:

    With all due respect, aren't we beating a dead horse debating if it is a security feature or not?

    Most of us agree that in its current state it does not offer significant security benefits. But most of us (non-Microsoft people) would like to see it become a solid security feature.

    The debate on the default for Windows 7 still remains however. The Microsoft people think it is pointless anyway so thus think the whitelist can't do any harm. While others argue that either it makes it easier to bypass, which is a point of contention, or that having UAC on fully has other benefits.

    I personally will be:
     - Running as a user 
     - Turn UAC all the way up
     - Login to an Administrator account (via UAC) to make changes

    It's no longer a debate. The original team said it's a security feature (which, by the way, can't be edited out since it's been up on the official blog long enough for the internet archive to catch it), so it's a security feature. Saying otherwise indicates laziness or fear on the part of those who don't want to fix it.

    Anyway, I posted what I think is a good enough solution in my post: just ask the user upon first-start which UAC mode he'd like to use while informing the user that convenience comes at the cost of security.

    @charles, shh. The UAC team disagrees with you, so I doubt you can say otherwise Big Smile

    (I love you too. I'm being hard on you for the good of the users, that's all)