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View Thread: UAC controversy - the last episode!
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    W3bbo said:
    Charles said:

    We aren't though Wink

    On an unrelated note, UAC doesn't bother me that much; my biggest gripe is how they duplicated various dialog boxes for common tasks in NT6 / Win7 so that UAC can "split down the middle" and allow people to see-and-not-touch various settings like NTFS ACLs and Network settings, but if you're using WS2008 where UAC is disabled it means you have to open superflous and pointless windows to get to what you're trying to do.

    Will they get rid of the duplicate ACL windows in the final build of Win7?

    We're likely on the final build of Windows 7, excluding service packs.

    Most of the configuration stuff in Windows (Control Panel et al) is a jumbled mess. It only got worse in Vista. Hopefully they will sit down and give it some serious thought in the future because it is only going to continue to get worse.

    When I have some free time I'm going to make a large thread about Window 7's control panel and tear into it... Start asking questions like "Why does this box exist?" "Why do these do the same thing?" "Why is this design style and this design style used here and here?" "Why aren't users given a control panel with only usable configuration boxes in?"

    Windows 95 was at least consistent and everything visible was usable to the user...