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View Thread: Perhaps SQL isn't interesting? But it sure is !
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    Type 1 = Front Office Developer?

    Type 2 = Back Office Developer?

    Funny as your comments make me think about what has happened to 3 tier development thinking? So the  1.5 guy still the Business Logic guy? So really three types?

    Also what happened to working out where is the best place to execute code? i.e. field data validation in the UI? lots of row update is better in the database?

    Geez I know about customers/business still wanting to stay on SQL Server 2000, explaining what 'out of support' means and using 'risk to the business' kind of turns that thinking around PDQ.

    I know that some still don't get it even after using phrases like 'strongly advise' ... then you really are down to the '10 year old unserviced car which you business data is sitting in' analogy ... then you know you're onto a losser if they don't get it after that  ... and then it's a chat to the CEO that's needed. If you're still stuffed you know your not dealing with 'bright bunnies' that don't take IT (i.e. the tool that helps business 'do' business) seriously. So my advice would be to get the hell out of there cos it's gonna be luck or unshrinking market share that's gonna keep them in business ... and not much else.