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View Thread: Perhaps SQL isn't interesting? But it sure is !
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    I hoping that I'm not right but I kind of getting the impression that developers in general aren't really all that interested in SQL or SQL Server any more?

    There always seems to be a buzz around .Net or UI stuff but I don't get the impression that there is the same feeling with SQL Server stuff.

    I get this impression because when I talk to developers they aren't really interested to talk about the new stuff in 2008 and what is coming in 2008 R2, it's all abit mehhh ...

    ... which is the same feeling I get when I look at the stuff they've made in SQL it literally is CRUD and never very good at that.

    So tell me if I'm right ... or that I'm talking utter tosh!

    I would love to know so I can work out how to get them interest so I can get better written databases because they work but not as good as they could do, but these same guys produce some amazing .Net.