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View Thread: Perhaps SQL isn't interesting? But it sure is !
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    Sabot said:

    The thing is if SQL Server is somewhere in your development stack you've gotta get to know it well because it's could so eaily add lead boots to your projects.

    Yes it is a Yin/Yang thing, you do have to put code into the right place and working out that balancing act does take knowledge either built up by experience or from the many good educational materials, books and webcasts (most of them free from Microsoft!)

    I would have to stab myself in the head if I did UI stuff all day ... now that is boring! Programming all that validation, working out the next scenario where a user can be stupid, not interesting at all Devil

    On a serious note, I did enjoy UI coding but I don't have the temperment for it.

    So you get the big no-no's in SQL Server right? Like Select * is bad?

    You get why getting the right 'Collations' is very important? ... and which ones have been deprecated?

    Why DBA's don't like LINQ? ... it's all about the Query Plan Baby!

    Why the new MERGE command is very cool? ... well get's you into the pub early.

    ... and not to mention the game changers coming in SQL Server 2008 R2 !

    Geeeez I could talk all day, I will pull out some of my favourite Microsoft webcasts for you to watch.

    Was SQL ever interesting? I think it has to be one of the dullest things in the whole wide world. Tongue Out