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View Thread: Why Firefox is more secure than IE
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    Ubuntu said:
    stevo_ said:

    Bass was kind enough to answer that one for me.

    i don't think this 'discussion' of who's doing what first is beneficial nor constructive or even worth the discussion altogether. innovations are built on other innovations. people compete on bringing the same feature so that they don't lose to other products. they create better features to establish strong points. its a natural thing to integrate new features to products eventhough they are based on the same ideas. ff, ie, safari, they all competing each other on performance, security, ease of use, etc.

    i myself doesnt really care of whose doing what first, in the end its the users who decide on what to use. i use ie mainly because i trust its security policy and features is better. i could be wrong there, but thats how i feel. i use firefox if ie fails, eg: i cant get some site to work. if it still fails on ff, then i know that the site is broken.