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    intelman said:
    Koogle said:

    I should say why I do want to use bing.

    I love the Bing image of the day. I love Bing News. Bing Maps one click directions. Bing cashback...

    The search itself and unit conversions leave a lot to be desired though. I also notice google knows way too much about my browsing habbits. Suddenly ads really are targeted at what I search. Kinda weird.

    Google's dominance is scary, but if they keep providing great results and nice innovative easy to use features, I think many will chose to pay a blind eye to their scaryness.

    I do not see why Microsoft needs to do all these focus group studies. They could simply ask me or many niners is this good, what do we need to do, and we'd straight up tell them. There are so many things that just do not make sense to me.

    I also don't understand why Microsoft still hasn't hired me as CEO yet.  What's taking them so long?

    I think "decision engine" is a good concept for something to strive for, but it still has a long way to go.