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View Thread: Which Windows 7 Should I Buy
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    I don't really have a dilemma.. but I am waiting for an OS update that is actually worth moving onto since Windows XP..

    my expectations are very reasonable..

    -I don't settle for nub sh/t changes & lack of decent improvements when small third party developments offer better f#cking improvements visually/usability & customization wise than an OS that goes in development for years by developers who don't seem to have the slightest intention of making actual workflow improvements to the desktop...instead just make it worse and include any old sh/tty feature so long as it can made to look good to the nubs.
    -Existing shell extensions must still work or become irrelevant because of better built in enhancements (fat chance)
    -Hardware like audio cards must deliver at least the same level of performance and features without an increase in CPU usage when its only for pointless sh/t, if you're gonna make a fecking change then at least introduce it when you've worked on it and made it more worthwile!

    -Aero sh/te Themes and that pile o'sh/t dwm.exe process needs a good kicking, with better control over it. ie disable thumbnail processing etc
    -I'd like the 'Explorer' and everything assiociated with it to get an actual F#*^K!NG IMPROVEMENT! and out with the crap.
    -I will not use  ugly as f#ck noob looking prompts like the replace file dialog, useless waste of space status bars etc etc
    -Things like the task manager, file transfers, control panel, startmenu, should be more useful and better designed etc
    -Easier tweakability/customization and options should be built in and provided for more things, as Windows default settings SUCK for just about everything!

    It seems like I'm asking for sooo much already // and those where just some of my reasonable expectations, wasn't even a mention of better profile setup, control and security etc for those that don't want to go the full on system drive bitlocker route.