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View Thread: Which Windows 7 Should I Buy
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    Sven Groot

    Koogle said:
    punkouter said:

    "I tried to understand your post there, I really did (read it 3x). But just couldn't. So, which one are you suggesting?"

    I'm sorry... my post wasn't there to help you choose a Win7 version to buy Smiley you shouldn't have needed to read it 3x to see that.

    you want to be recommended a win7 version to buy when its not even out yet..   very eager aren't you? maybe just try the Win7rc and  get Jap MUI pack for testing, it will be a 'testing' experience is all I can say.

    ". The other reason is because my girlfriend hates PC"

    shhhe hates PC Scared .. blasphemy! maybe she just hates Windows? .... you could try offering her Mac? once you go Mac, you never come.. back? or so I've heard before Tongue Out

    "Don't mind Koogle, he makes little sense to anyone except himself."

    heh.. that's because understanding me would require you to not be a satisfied with noob sh/t Sven. It would also require me to write everything single detail and reason behind each point I make and why I make it and suggestions on how it should have been done better.. and that would take more time than I care to spend helping Windows be less sh/t, when MS cleary only makes stuff for the noob, not the poweruser because that would actually require more effort....its just a good thing Microsoft has customers like punkouter to buy Win7... while me, I can wait this out until MS does eventually put something together worthy of upgrading to.

    No, it's because you can't make points without using words like "noob" and making ad hominem attacks. If you were to write your views using plain, non-inflamatory language, and without implying that there's something wrong with anyone who doesn't agree with you, people would take you a lot more seriously. It's not difficult; I'm not expecting Shakespear's sonnets here, just some respect, both for the other users of this site and the English language.