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View Thread: Win7=Fonts for the web! ?
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    jamie said:
    Sven Groot said:

    my c/windows/ font folder is 1 gig.

    how big is your drive?

    if there were one thing youd WANT windows to install -(after itself)  wouldnt it be fonts?


    * i have a terrabyte drive - a gig of fonts is a floppy

    * and that would make all web devs be able to use 1000's of fonts.... for windows users
    (*hey id like for all - but lets get all win users first)

    edit WEFT BEHIND

    * for people who think having some fonts will hurt your machine - ok - how about... 200 fonts (not 2000)

    ...200 native fonts..with Windows   ...for the WEB

    "my c/windows/ font folder is 1 gig."

    lol why jamie why?  the last place I'd want to dump a lot of fonts is that directory.. whats the point in having applications like Word showing 100's of fonts, just more to sift through.  And shipping with 2000 fonts?!?! nutz even 200 is too much... you'll only find less than creative people using very stylized fonts in a bad way.

    If you're using Adobe apps this is far better place to leave extra fonts...

    "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts"

    Anyway I support css3 webfonts // messy solutions like using sifr to get fonts to the web aren't good, unlicensed fonts can still be used and its even harder to find out exactly which fonts they are using.. at least with direct linking to raw fonts its out in the open for anyone to check on valid licensed usage and also see who the original author of that type face is without having to get in contact, its good and there are plenty of free fonts to use in this scenerio.

    OTW should get support in all browsers.

    And EOT can be left behind along with IE for all I care.

    "Looks like it's everyone with an XBOX 360 avatar...  servers down, perhaps?"

    heh who cares they looked rubbish anyway Tongue Out