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    dahat said:

    How about we wait to see if they do in fact 'reinvent the web'... and if they fail (as they are almost certainly* going to), then boycott them by sticking with the status que.

    *'almost certainly' is defined as being "without an overt act of god"... as despite not being a god fearing man, I figure we've at least got to give them a hearing and a chance to mess things up for themselves.

    If you look at the HTML-source of the teaser, you can find the following text in comment:

    We start our little story with the invention of the modern day computer. Over the years, the computers grew in numbers, and the next natural step in the evolution was to connect them together. To share things. But as these little networks grew, some computers gained more power than the rest and called themselves servers. Today, millions of people are connected together in a great web ...
    Sounds like they might introduce some P2P technology.