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    Ah there it is.

    I find it strange that I've never seen an ad for opera, never seen it linked to with any great effect, and yet there they are, having done zero marketing that I can see blaming IE for the fact that no-one uses their stuff. Crying cocodile tears about anti-trust because you don't have effective marketing is, frankly, a big stinking lie. Firefox have managed to knock a considerable share off IE, and they haven't been going anywhere near as long as Opera, and why? Because they marketed, via geeks, via ads - and it worked. Heck even Chrome has a better penetration now than Opera.

    I think Opera are using the "If you build it they will come" attitude to getting their browser on the desktop. It seems they have realised they need to put their browser in front of people, but rather than market like everyone else, they want to force their advert into Windows.