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    LeoDavidson said:
    TommyCarlier said:

    I agree with that, plus the statement that this is just people who would never have used Opera in the first place "boycotting" it.

    However, there is an irritating combination with Opera that doesn't seem to afflict Firefox/Chrome: They're constantly whining about how they invented this and that and how they deserve a better market share though some god-given right, yet they cannot see that the main reason their market share is so bad is that their product sucks. (And that it used to cost money and suck.)

    I have all the major browsers installed right now to test some javascript stuff and Opera is by far the worst. Worse even than Safari (now that Safari has something resembling a standard UI). I'm surprised that it's so bad given the vocal praise it gets from a few people, but I honestly hate it and see a lot of other people feel the same. (I'm no fan of IE either, FWIW, esp. after finding so many bugs still exist in IE8's rendering engine.)

    I find the lawsuit ridiculous as well. MS should be sued when they tell OEMs etc. they cannot install competing software/OS (like they did wiht BeOS back in the day) but MS should be able to provide whatever they want with the OS, within reason, and MS should not be forced to distribute or promote other people's software.

    I'm a huge fan of an alternative file manager, and I think the built-in one is garbage, but I don't go around complaining that it's there, demanding that the OS ship without a file manager or demanding that MS distribute the one I like*. It's ridiculous. Of course more people will use the built-in one. That's life. If you can't improve on it enough to get enough customers (or advertising or whatever your model is) to survive then that's your fault, not Microsoft's.

    (*I have complained that there's no proper API or control panel for replacing the file manager like there is for replacing the web browser, but that complaint is bourne out of Windows making it fiddly to accomplish something, not the desire to have my choice forced upon other people.)

    I mean, what next? Make MS remove MSPaint.exe or bundle Photoshop? Ban Notepad.exe? Where does it end? Why are web browsers such a special case for so many people?


    Wasn't requiring MS to expose APIs/etc. they used to hook their browser into the OS to third parties part of the original antitrust settlement with the USDOJ?  I think this was a good thing, but I do wonder if the same thing would apply to file managers/window managers had history taken some alternate path.