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    PaoloM said:
    KevinB said:

    Live Sync is not cloud storage, but a p2p sync tool.

    Skydrive and Office Live, I *believe* they're already using the same backend storage.

    Groove and Mesh are doing their own thing Smiley


    But Sync and Mesh offer the same functionality. In Mesh, you can set a folder to sync P2P bypassing the cloud, this is the exact same feature that Live Sync offers. (Even if their respective implementations differ wildly...)

    So, my point is still valid, all those products do essentially the same thing with varying success.

    And, it leads to very, very confused customers....


    Edit: Also, in regards to your same backend remark, I could care less how it is implemented on the backend. They don't share the same front end. Which means that if I am on SkyDrive and I want to access my documents, I need to go to a whole different site, why??? I know you aren't on any of these teams, so I don't actually expect you to be able to answer this question Smiley