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View Thread: Help Design my Team's Logo - Chance to Win VS 2005 Free
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    I just posted this to my blog, but I've seen such great "Photoshoped Creativity" here in the Channel9 forums that I just had to cross post...

    I'd like you to help us design the logo for the new team that Mark, Marie, Scott, and I are now a part of.  If our team chooses one of your logo designs than I'll reward you with a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 when we ship.  Currently the contest is open until the end of day next Friday, the 25th of March. You will also be competing against designs being drafted by internal team members. 

    Here is some additional information for inspiration:

    Team Name:
    "Developer Division Customer Product Lifecycle Experience Team"

    Current Vision:
    "Helping Developer Division create positive customer experiences throughout the product life cycle"

    Temporary Logo

    Ways to submit an entry

    I'll see if I can't post all the entries I get so you can see your competition.  I bet I can also get a bunch of the C9 foam guys for anyone who submits an entry. Photoshop On!

    Updates: I've added a lot of information to my blog post. You should check it out. Most importantly I wanted to clarify that this logo would be for my teams internal use only and would not be redistributed with the product.  I'm also extending the date to submit entries to next Friday (the 25th) so there is less of a rush.