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View Thread: Bing crashes Internet explorer
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    DCMonkey said:

    Crashed for me (I sent the report). I didn't even get to Cancel the dialog. It happens on Print Preview too. It also happens with a copy of the page saved as an .mht "web archive" but not as a "complete" or "html only" .htm file.

    IE7, XP SP3

    I have a default printer.


    Google doesn't have same problem.


    Also happens with add-ons disabled. With AV disabled. And with a different default printer.

    Crash report says ModName is mshtml.dll so the problem is either in there or bad data is being passed into it.


    Thanks for sending the error report! It's probably just an evil plot that's part of the new IE8 "marketing" campaign. I mean, obviously IE7 is not IE8, so... Get lost!