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View Thread: You expect this to happen in China, not the UK...
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    ManipUni said:
    footballism said:

    Because people like to use China as an example of "one of those bad states." Which is fairly hypocritical given how the UK has arguably a greater surveillance society and our own great firewall. We also cannot take photos in undisclosed locations, can be arrest for nothing, and certain information (or collections of information) are illegal to own. Like for example Science books if you happen to be from the Middle East.


    The UK does not have anything like the Chinese firewall. It's a voluntary system that applies only to consumer-level ISPs and the cleanfeed list is managed by an NGO.

    However, I am disappointed that the g'ment is actively trying to force all ISPs to implement the filter system.

    Question: when does a consumer ISP end and a bandwidth provider begin?