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View Thread: You expect this to happen in China, not the UK...
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    GoddersUK said:
    blowdart said:

    Not neseceraly, but there wasn't really any good reason that I can see for the police to shut him down, unless their superiors deemed it nesecary. And if you follow the command chain up you end up with the government as the most superior of their superiors...

    So they may not have had him uncovered but they undoubtedly took advantage of it once it had happened.

    Of course they did. There's this little thing called a code of conduct that police officers need to adhere to. And he broke it.

    Consider the Time's justification;

    “revealing confidential details about cases, some involving sex offences against children, that could be traced back to genuine prosecutions” as well as offering “advice to people who found themselves the subject of a police investigation.”

    So what are his employers supposed to do here? Ignore it? He wasn't whistleblowing, where anonymity would be preserved.