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View Thread: Any hope for Freelancer 2?
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    W3bbo said:
    klop670 said:

    Because online petitions have ever elicitted a major corporation (who works for its shareholders, not its customers) since when...?

    Petitions work!


    Those 22,000 would most likely part with $40 for a new game, that's $880,000 ... and if that 22,000 was deemed to be representative of a cross section of the majority of the buying public so meaning the possibility of more sales then shareholders would want the opportunity fully investigated.


    Lets be honest here .... it is a cert that Freelancer 2 is going to sell more copies than Afro Samuri or Bullet Witch but it has to appear large enough on MS's radar ... and for that to happen we are going to need 100,000 signatures.