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View Thread: Any hope for Freelancer 2?
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    Now you're talk!

    I loved Freelancer, it was as good as it's main rival FreeSpace 2 (which you can download from GOG for $6!) ... which also loved just as much. They were two games I  played to completion over and over just so I could get everything out of them, I've only ever done that again with BioShock and CoD4 Modern Combat.

    Space combat sims are few and far between these days which is a shame ... and amazing considering that this genre could have become popular again on the back of BSG.

    Now I know we could all play the excellent X series of games by Egosoft or even Eve Online (which just had a SQL Server upgrade!) but both lacked the simple good story element of FreeLancer and the very cool weapons, these are two of most important elements of any Space Combat Sim.

    I think there is space for a good Space Combat/Trading Sim again, just look to FreeLancer and FreeSpace to see how it's done!

    P.S. FreeSpace 2 has a segment in it that I remember vividly because I experience geniune shock and fear, this is when the 'Juggernaut' appeared because the game all the way through gives you a sense of scale and perspective ... so when this massive SOB appears it is frightening! It is the ultimate end of level boss.