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View Thread: Any hope for Freelancer 2?
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    Koogle said:

    Freespace2 and Freelancer.. great old games indeed

    its a shame we haven't seen anything decent since, x-series I tried last year and tbh I dunno how many releases they've done but they just don't seem get it. And Eve Online I wouldn't ever touch (absolute grind), a waste of time a bit like WoW.. only they did it right and the addons made it all worthwhile.

    I'd take mass effect and mash it up with freelancer for something awesome.

    I just heard about an MMO called Jumpgate Evolution the other day. They claim that the control system is based around Freelancer. It also apparently uses real time interactions instead of dice rolls. I don't know how they do proper balancing like that, but one of the videos claimed they have it figured out. I haven't played any MMO's in a long time, so this would have to be pretty spectacular to make me pay for it. I still might go with a Zune Pass instead.


    I've replayed Independance War 2 several times because it's a solid space shooter, and loads of fun. The ending is anticlimactic, but the rest of the game is pretty good.