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View Thread: Is it possible to pin folders / libraries to the taskbar (7rc)
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    Koogle said:
    Sven Groot said:

    I'm waiting for results not forum feedback Sven. And Win7 is a pretty poor result to me, that is what I'm saying.

    And I have given reasons as to why the taskbar is poor here on c9 already. I'd be more helpful in suggestions and feedback but its really best given to those who can actually do the job properly, cleary that is not Microsoft.

    Koogle, you need to stop this rhetoric. You are adding little value to the conversation because the positions you apparently think you maintain are weakly put forth and in such a way that nobody cares what you say. If you want to have a conversation and supply arguments that question the status quo, then you need to lace your words with reason, with logic, with sense.

    I'm very close to banning you for intentionally inciting unrest in the Channel 9 forums. Apparently, that's your goal; not conversation. Can you change your behavior or do you just want to leave? If you don't change your behavior and you don't leave then we will close the door on you (and we never want to do this to anybody - Channel 9 is about freedom of expression, but when this expression is done in disrespectful ways, well, then we have little recourse but to ban).