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    My story is more amazing, it's 2 years ago... I was using (still) Windows XP and surfing the net and reading articles about Linux Mandriva, how it's fast, reliable, nice and better 100X than Windows. I read so until I decided to try what the hell is.

    Setup done in less than 30 minutes, I opened the machine, there were a very strange startup, full of lines of code and other things... very wired and then it come the desktop. What can i say... I understood nothing and there were very wired tabs and buttons and it seemed to me VERY LIMITED, it didn't recognize my CD Drive, My flash, my screen wasn't like  it was... I run FireFox, it sucks there, but even if not, how can I start the internet connection, it don't detect the network card, and I can't plug the CD as the CD drive don't work and... Stop right here format the disk!!!!