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View Thread: Hello? Wiki, The C9 crew, anyone?
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    Got the message guys, adding it to the list for a future release.  Will talk to Bryn about it in the morning.

    As far as Microsofties posting, well there are 400 or so Microsoft people registered on the site, I see them posting all over the place. However, you are right, though the more the merrier.  We have some work to do to get the word out about Channel 9 inside of Microsoft and are actively working on this. 

    We launched Channel 9 3 weeks ago today and did it with no marketing internally or externally.  Like I have said from the beginning, it is an experiment. We are working hard to bring more and more of our co-horts to the site. More of you found the site quicker than we did.  Keep the faith and keep posting.