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View Thread: New wireless router - any ideas?
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    My Netgear DG834g R1 wireless ADSL router has started to throw machines off its wireless network. This seems to be mostly Windows 7 machines (which I have most of)  but also hits Vista machines.
    In the absence of any diagnostics I am building a business case for my bosses (Wife and work) to buy a new one.
    My eye has been drawn to the Belkin N+ Does anyone have any views on this or any other solution?
    My requirements are:
    Must have:
    • ADSL Router built in. (I have more than enough wires as it is)
    • Wireless - Range over speed. 97% of the traffic on my network is to the internet where I get 2Mbs max but I need to have access some 20m (60 ft) away
    Nice to have
    • NAS connection - Seems you can plug a USB hard drive to the Belkin and it acts as a NAS device but a slow one.
    • Guest Access - Allowing temp users to access the internet but not the network
    • Firewall
    What sort of solution do you all run in support of all those sexy desktops that are posted?
    Many thanks