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View Thread: New wireless router - any ideas?
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    LeoDavidson said:

    I've found Belkin to be pretty awful, as have many friends. Anecdotal, of course, but I don't think I've seen anyone recommend them either. The setup UI was pretty poor (but may have improved now; I've avoided the brand since) and I had problems like the entire thing locking up, requiring a hard reboot, when my then-laptop (HP/Compaq FWIW) used the Wifi and transfered a large amount of data quickly.

    Not sure what to recommend, though... I'm using a Thompson/Alcatel router at the moment which my ISP gave me... it's *almost* good, except that it's full of bugs (reboots itself if you do too much UPnP or VPN stuff... sigh). I went looking for a replacement and decided it was less irritating putting up with my current router than it was finding the best new one. Smiley

    There are so many to choose from but every one seems to be missing some feature (e.g. all the NetGear ones seem to have 100mbit hubs like it's still the 1870s or something).

    It's also made more complex by some manufacturers (NetGear especially) releasing new and unrelated routers with the same name as older ones. Makes it difficult to know exactly what you are buying, given that many online stores sell old/discontinued stock.

    It boggles my mind why so many routers are still so buggy these days. Surely this stuff should be down pat by now. It's not like they do anything _that_ complicated or difficult to test, or different between vendors/models.


    Re the setup. I am slightly less scared of this as having been designated "the parent who can" I have spent many hours installing free routers for other parents so I have wrestled with many variations of this theme!

    The Netgear ethernet -V- Gigabit is less of an issue as my machine to machine connection is limited and bound by wireless speeds.

    The buggy +product version  variation issues are exactly why I posted this. Any reviews seem to be based on a specific release and it is hard to trust comments that may be out of date compared to more recent firmware updates!

    Thanks for your impression I will be proceeding with caution!