littleguru said:
hack2roothotmai said:

Sure, but you could write a thin wrapper or a wrapper that adds a lot of logic. Your's is more like a thin wrapper (that does not add much on their own) and theirs is a wrapper that adds a lot of logic and algorithms.

You are right! i prefer Keep It Stupid Simple. Frameworkers goes far from this idiom nowadays, that means, that i nedd to spend time trying to deal with comlicated APIs, more time when things are not going the right way you want it to, more time waiting for a next .NET version (just because nobody understands it better) tips and tricks, and so on.

In m opinion, if i can do complicated thing using things as simple as pissible, i.e. thin wrappers - this is a best, just because you can understang what beneath API is going on by simply lookin under the hood Wink.