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    hack2roothotmai said:
    littleguru said:

    You are right! i prefer Keep It Stupid Simple. Frameworkers goes far from this idiom nowadays, that means, that i nedd to spend time trying to deal with comlicated APIs, more time when things are not going the right way you want it to, more time waiting for a next .NET version (just because nobody understands it better) tips and tricks, and so on.

    In m opinion, if i can do complicated thing using things as simple as pissible, i.e. thin wrappers - this is a best, just because you can understang what beneath API is going on by simply lookin under the hood Wink.

    KISS Wink

    Don't make the error to set thin wrappers equal with simplicity! The Parallel FX has a simple API but still a lot of logic runs underneath. A simple API doesn't mean that there's no logic underneath. Sometimes thin wrappers are even more complicated because the user needs to deal with everything from the underlying system, whereas logic could hide that away!

    In your case the API is simple but does not add much to the ThreadPool. In the case of the Parallel FX the API is simple as well but adds a lot more logic so that load balancing works out better and the caches of the cores are used more efficiently.

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