ManipUni said:

Interesting. I'm surprised the take-up of 64 bit is as high as this. I wonder how high it will be with the less geeky crowd?

PS - I might go 64 bit, but already cap my RAM (2 GB) so that would need to be increased too...

Well on my 4Gb work machine I went 64bit Win7 since the beta. So far I have not found any hardware issues even with my 3G data card with drivers of unknown quality.

In the early days of the beta I did have a few problems but now the only 2 issues are:

Sometimes the fingerprint reader does nothing when coming out of hibernate/suspend.

My wireless connection is flakey but I have evidence that this is more my old router at fault than Win 7.

If you have more than 3Gb then 64 Bit should be a no brainer.