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    Minh said:


    I hope that you get to do what you say you want to do. What I mean is that today's message is consistent with that in the "Who are we?" video. I don't think you wanted to deliver a sub-par product prior to and during the C9V4 roll-out. But you definitely did. The site is blazing fast today, though. I'm very impressed.


    You give me too much credit on the feedbacks. Certainly there were many other Niners who gave helpful feedbacks.

    Interesting point Minh. In thinking back to filming last week, it did feel a lot like the original Who We Are video where we framed what we wanted to create with Channel 9. There has been a lot of good and fair feedback from plenty of people over the years, some that we've gotten to, others not.

    We're hoping that by focussing much more on Channel 9 as a single place, it will allow us to incorporate much more of that same feedback. Also this sam focus is a key contributor to how we were able to improve the performance of the site . We will continue to do work on reliability/performance so that we have a solid foundation for the new release.

    In a couple of weeks we'll do a deep dive around the UX / Wireframes with Nishant (we're looking to do this the week of July 20) that should help explain more.

    But, for now we wanted to get out in front of it with you all and explain where we're headed so that we don't catch folks by surprise.