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View Thread: Stallman warns against C# and Mono
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    Ubuntu said:
    blowdart said:

    People keep falling for the same trap over and over again:

    Stallman warned of the dangers of using BitKeeper for the kernel and nobody took him seriously until they had to freeze kernel development to come up with Mercurial and Git. Now Stallman warns of C# and again people do not take him seriously - there is nothing about Tomboy notes that requires mono and couldn't be done just as easily in java given that we have a FREE implementation of java (and it was java which originally 'inspired' c#). M$ did try to screw Linux already with their SCO trial so there is no reason why we shouldn't assume that their intentions are malicious in this case as well.

    Please move on to a Linux forum where your religious zealotry will be unquestioned. I could care less about Stallman. I think the sky is green and there are lepracauns on every hill. Discuss.