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    joechung said:

    I like HTML 5, but I think HTML 4.01 is just fine.  CSS needs fixing more than HTML does.

    hmm, I about cringed on the statement that html 4.0x is fine that css needs more fixing.

    I will just state it this way, (and the html working group agrees) there isn't a single browser that fully implements html 4.0x, and there will never be any that can because there are several areas in the spec that contridict each other. There is also many areas that are left to interpetation. there is no set rules for error handleing and error fall back. etc etc.

    HTML 4.0x and the long line of underspecified specs before it are the Primary reason for the html 5 spec and its wider definition of how a browser should handle different aspects. and has been Jokenly stated that it will release in 2020.