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View Thread: MS adjusts Win7 European Prices
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    Microsoft has said it will price the full editions of Windows 7E -- the "E" stands for "Europe" -- at the lower upgrade prices until at least Dec. 31, 2009.

    So that's interesting. Until you realise  that Europe doesn't get any upgrade packages anyway, it's full clean install or nothing, because an upgrade from an existing system might leave bits of IE behind. So wow, we get a whole two months in Europe to get a cheaper version of Win7. That's "nice".

    Of course it's still overpriced compared to the US upgrade prices:

    The "full" version of Windows Professional will cost EU users €285, or $400.28, at Tuesday's exchange rate, even though that edition will be priced at the "upgrade" amount. In other words, EU customers will pay twice the $199.99 U.S. price.