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View Thread: David finally took down Goliath
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    May I say holy crap. When most people experience HTML5 SVG/video/audio DOM, worker threads, and DOM 3D scripting that should finish IE off for good.

    IE will look, feel and essentially be depricated for web browsing.


    Next up to bat Android is about to hit a home run. I think it's pretty cool how Mozilla and Google tag teamed to wipe out their competition.

    And it actually worked. Most of the really good MS employees now work there anyway so it's no surprise.

    As a web developer and DBA, I must say good riddance. The only browser that ever ate up $60/hour customer time was IE. IE has wasted billions of dollars in developer hours for what amounts to bad design and programming obscurities and probably contributed to the economic disaster this past year by wasting resources.