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figuerres said:

that page is more interesting and more usefull...

i see that opera, safari,chrome and all the rest are very flat. ok firefox is climbing a few points and ie has dropped a few ok so? not like it went from 70% to 10% ... and not like firefox has "crossed over" ... now if that trend keeps up perhaps next year they might have a meeting point.

I'm not going to argue, but consider that your graph is using data that is over a year and a half old while the one I posted is current.

"Video is so fragmented each browser needs a different codec"

Mozilla and Google have agreed on default support for ogg. I don't believe that the video DOM object has a tag for changing the encoding type, only a canPlay filter for js and a source type filter.

"so video will remain served by Flash"

Flash only plays flv encoded video and audio frames.