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View Thread: MS puts C# and CLI ECMA specs under Community Promise
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    Ubuntu said:
    fknight said:

    Microsoft could GPL every bit of code they've ever written and renounce all patents and people would still say not to use it because "they still might sue you" or claim it's some kind of trick.

    M$ has the opportunity to settle this issue once and for all by sending their .net patents to /dev/null but they CHOOSE not to - instead they give a promise not to sue you similar to the promise not to sue you for using the ribbon in your apps. Now why do they do that? To keep their options open. Patents are the reason why a horizontal ribbon shouldn't be ever implemented in OpenOffice and why this is a serious danger, and only fools would ignore it until the day it actually happens. Of course M$ apologists like you defend these M$ 'good will' promises the following argument: since M$ couldn't satisfy everybody no matter what it did then it can just as well screw everybody which is what it has always done.

    You can use this oppotuniky just like Microsoft - do not stuck with license agreements. Do better than Microsoft does ... (insert anything you want from list below) !

    -parallel extensions



    -user experience

    As an example, you can write your own, better Ribbon (by the way ,who said that Ribbon's usablility is not just a marketing trick from the same sucky Microsoft guys but the really useful thing? No one, I repeat, no one who saw and use it for a day or two in offices around said that Ribbon is NOT a suxx, because you even need to remember MORE combinations than ever, since EVERY user can CUSTOMIZE it, so, just for example, if it is was hard to find some functionality in old versions of office it will be almost impossible to struggle it aganst in new, "ribonned" version. Search the web, I'm not the only bird on a sky. I think it will be the hell for a tech support (-" need go to bookmarked toolbar, and press umibigous number of ungrouped controls in different tabs to enable single user feature you desired", -"sorry, i have no visible toolbars ever...")

     I'm trying to create framework to achieve this goals. See it on my web


    And i have plans to port it to Mono